Latest update regarding the COVID 19 situation in Mexico:

The Mexican Health Ministry has announced the update of the traffic light of epidemic risk valid from Nov 09 – 22, 2020.

Traffic light of epidemic risk: 
RED : MAXIMUM HEALTH ALERT only essencial activities
ORANGE :  HIGH some none essencial activities like hotels and restaurants at 30% of capacity 
YELLOW : INTERMEDIATE total economic opening and public spaces 
GREEN : LOW all economic activities and schools

Air reconnection of Europe with the Mexican Caribbean

After half a year on pause, on the first weekend of October, flights from Frankfurt, France and Switzerland to Cancun were reactivated.

October 1, Lufthansa flight LH514 landed from Frankfurt, with 260 passengers.

October 4, the first planes of the airlines Air France and Edelweiss Air arrived, from Paris and Zurich, respectively.

The director of Air France, Guilhem Mallet reported that on this first flight 282 seats were occupied out of the 302 available. “We have two flights a week to start, but the plan is to get up to five weekly frequencies by the end of the year,” Mallet said.

US airlines, such as Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines, have reactivated flights and plan to add others.


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